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what is Food-grade silicone?

what is Food-grade silicone?

Food-grade silicone is safe and non-toxic. It  is BPA free. The temperature of normal silicone can maintain good performance at -40-240 degrees Celsius, so food-grade silicone is safe in the microwave oven.

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What is food grade silicone?
Food-grade silicone is a silicone material designed specifically for contact with food. It generally meets food safety standards and does not contain chemicals harmful to humans.

Safety: Food-grade silicone usually does not contain BPA (bisphenol A), toxic heavy metals, harmful dyes and other substances, ensuring that no harmful substances are released when in contact with food.Many baby products such as baby pacifiers, child feeding sets, pet toys, etc. are made of food-grade silicone.

High temperature resistance: Food-grade silicone has good high-temperature resistance and can usually withstand high-temperature baking, so it is very suitable for use in baking molds, baking sheets and other kitchen supplies.Common silicone baking mats.

Soft: Food-grade silicone has soft and elastic properties, which makes demoulding easier and easier to clean. Therefore, the popular foldable water cups are made of silicone material.
Cold-resistant: This silicone material is also cold-resistant and can be used to make ice molds, frozen foods, etc. Like making ice trays.
Easy to clean: The surface of food-grade silicone is generally smooth, not easy to absorb grease, and easy to clean.
Reusable: Food-grade silicone molds usually have good wear resistance and durability and can be reused many times without losing their performance.
Color stability: The color of food-grade silicone is generally relatively stable and will not fade or stain due to the color of food.

What is food grade silicone made of?
Silica Extraction: Silica is an ore of silicon, usually extracted from quartz ore. Silica is one of the main raw materials of silica gel.

Preparation of aluminum hydride: Aluminum hydride is another key raw material for the preparation of silica gel. It is usually obtained by hydrogenating bauxite, an ore containing aluminum.
Reaction of silica and aluminum hydride: Chemically react silica and aluminum hydride to generate hydroxide polysilane resin. This is one of the main components of silicone.
Processing and molding: The hydroxide polysilane resin generated by chemical reaction will go through a series of processing steps, including mixing, stirring, degassing, molding, etc., to form the final silicone product.
Curing: The molded silicone product needs to be cured at a certain temperature to ensure its structure and performance.
Cleaning: After curing, silicone products need to be cleaned to remove possible remaining impurities from the production process.
Quality inspection: Conduct quality inspection on the finished silicone products to ensure that they comply with relevant food safety standards and product specifications.
Packaging: Qualified silicone products are packaged to ensure no contamination during transportation and storage.

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