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Best selling anti-static fashion silicone bracelet bulk

Best selling anti-static fashion silicone bracelet bulk

Function: anti-static, anti-radiation, relieve fatigue, fashion accessories

Specifications: Length 24cm, 6 holes adjustable, wrist circumference 15cm-23cm, width 1.3cm
Material: medical grade silicone
Color: black, blue, red
Product Features: The silicone is integrated with a large number of mineral elements, enhanced energy strips are embedded at the bottom, rhombus design, fashionable, sporty, waterproof and porous design, the size can be adjusted freely

Highlight of the silicone bracelet bulk 

The silicone bracelet uses silica gel containing energy elements such as negative ions to form an overall energy circle to physically adjust the positive and negative ratio of the human body's current to eliminate static electricity. Generally, static electricity gradually decreases in 1-2 weeks. In severe cases, it may take 3-4 weeks. It will gradually ease, please keep wearing it

unique design
Unique withered surface design, more texture and three-dimensional sense
At the same time, a large amount of negative ions, germanium powder and other mineral energy elements are integrated into the whole.
Anti-allergic, anti-radiation, helpful for sleep, etc.

Strengthen resistance to substances
The bottom of the bracelet is made of negative ions and other minerals to enhance the mineral content and germanium ratio of the module, making the negative ion concentration more stable and better to enhance human body energy, regulate human body current, anti-static, etc.


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1. Our customized silicone products are high quality food gradesiliocne material and safe to use. We proudly maintain the highest levels of proven social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.
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