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Explore the best way of dog slow feeding and the options for dog bowl slow feeder?

Explore the best way of dog slow feeding and the options for dog bowl slow feeder?

Dog slow feeding is very import

If you have ever raised a pet, especially a dog, you will know that they eat very fast, and they will overeat, which will cause the dog's digestive system and health to become worse and worse, so dogs need to be fed slowly. Especially in Europe and the United States, the preference for feeding large dogs is particularly prominent.

What are the specific reasons why dogs need to slowly feeding?

1. Prevent bloating and gastric torsion: Dogs who eat too fast tend to swallow a lot of air, causing bloating, and in severe cases may even cause gastric torsion. This is a dangerous and potentially fatal condition, especially in large dog breeds. 2. Improve digestion: Slow eating helps food to be more evenly distributed in the dog's stomach and intestines, promoting digestion and nutrient absorption. Eating too fast may cause indigestion and gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhea. 3. Control weight: Slow eating can help dogs feel full better and reduce overeating behavior, which helps control weight and prevent obesity. 4. Behavioral improvement: Slow eating helps reduce anxiety and food-related aggressive behavior in dogs.

Are slow feeders good for dogs?

Yes, slow feeders have many benefits for dogs and are very necessary.

How to slow down a dog's eating speed?

Artificial education and scientific feeding with the help of tools are the most effective ways to slow down a dog's eating speed. We can distribute the dog's food, such as controlling the amount at a time, giving only a small portion each time, feeding in multiple times, or interacting with the dog while eating to distract its attention to slow down the eating speed.

Use slow food bowls: Slow food bowls are designed with ridges and grooves, forcing dogs to spend more time and energy to get food when eating.

Recommended slow food bowls and mats:

Dog slow food toys: Use some specially designed food dispensing toys or educational toys to allow dogs to eat food slowly while playing.

Use large and heavy objects: Put a large and heavy object, such as a clean stone or ball, in the dog's food bowl, so that the dog has to go around this object to eat food, thereby slowing down the eating speed.

Hand feeding: This not only helps the dog eat slowly, but also strengthens the connection between you and the dog.

Use ice cubes: Freeze some of the food into ice cubes so that the dog needs more time to lick and eat the food.

What can I put in my dogs slow feeder?

Dog biscuits: This is a basic and common choice that works in most slow feeders. Wet dog food: You can put wet dog food in the slow feeder to increase the time your dog spends eating.

Mixed food: Mix dry dog ​​food with wet dog food so that the dog needs more time to separate and eat the different foods.

Fresh vegetables and fruits: Such as carrot slices, apple slices, blueberries and pumpkin puree. Make sure the vegetables and fruits you choose are safe for dogs and do not contain harmful ingredients (such as grapes, onions and garlic).

Yogurt or low-fat cheese: A small amount of unsweetened yogurt or low-fat cheese can be a delicious addition.

Special dog treats: Choose dog treats that are suitable for slow feeders, such as soft or hard dog chews.

Chicken or turkey nuggets: Cooked and cut into small pieces of chicken or turkey can increase the dog's interest in eating.

Peanut Butter: Spread a thin layer of sugar-free peanut butter in the slow feeder to allow the dog to lick the food slowly. Be careful to choose peanut butter without additives, and avoid harmful ingredients such as xylitol.

Frozen Food: Freeze the food before putting it in the slow feeder to extend the dog's eating time. For example, you can freeze wet dog food or yogurt into small pieces.

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