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Explore the hottest topics about silicone mats

Explore the hottest topics about silicone mats

What is a silicone mat used for?

Silicone mats are a widely used silicone product and the most common custom silicone product. Because of the good properties of silicone materials, silicone mats are very suitable for many fields.

silicone baby mats

Silicone mats as children's meals can effectively prevent the sliding of bowls, etc., and the non-toxic and safe properties of silicone are widely used. The waterproof properties of silicone can also make the home more hygienic.

Anti-slip mats:

The anti-slip properties of silicone mats make them very suitable as anti-slip mats. They are often used in kitchens, bathrooms, cars and various desktops to prevent objects from sliding. Therefore, the uses of silicone anti-slip mats are also very wide.

Insulation  heat mats:

Silicone mats have good high temperature resistance and are often used as insulation mats. Hot pots, hot bowls, etc. can be placed to protect the desktop from being burned. Silicone mats can enter the microwave oven. The silicone mats produced by Growjaa are temperature resistant at -40-250 degrees Celsius.

Shockproof mats:

The softness and elasticity of silicone mats make them ideal shockproof mats. They can be placed under electronic equipment and mechanical equipment to reduce vibration and noise.

Medical mats:

Silicone pads have good biocompatibility and are often used for sealing and buffering in medical devices, such as seals and gaskets in syringes, catheters, and medical instruments.

Craft pads:

Used in handicraft production, they can be used to fix and protect materials to avoid scratches or damage.

Keyboard pads:

In electronic devices, silicone pads are used for keyboard keys to provide a comfortable touch and long life.

Silicone dog mats:

Silicone pads are also widely used in the pet field, as feeding mats, or slow food pads, etc.
Of course, there are many uses for silicone pads, and with the development of technology and our research on silicone manufacturing, I believe that silicone pads have more and larger application scenarios.

Is silicone mat toxic?

Of course no, silicone mats are usually non-toxic, especially those made of high-quality food-grade silicone. And the silicone pads made by Growjaa have been baked at high temperature, non-toxic and odorless, and can be used with confidence.
Food-grade silicone: Food-grade silicone is non-toxic and harmless, suitable for kitchen utensils, baby products, and food molds. This kind of silicone does not release harmful substances into food, so it is widely used in products that need to contact food.
Medical grade silicone: Medical grade silicone is also non-toxic and harmless, has good biocompatibility, and is often used in medical devices and human implants. It has passed strict safety tests and will not cause harm to the human body.
Our custom silicone mats have been certified by authoritative organizations such as FDA and LFGB, which is safer and absolutely non-toxic.

Advantages of silicone mats?

The advantages of silicone mats are very obvious, resistant to high and low temperatures, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, excellent elasticity and flexibility, easy to clean, non-slip, and good insulation performance. If you need to custom personalized or your own brand of silicone mats, the cost of custom silicone molds is also the lowest, so it is more cost-effective.
Can it be put into the microwave?
The temperature resistance of silicone is -40-230 degrees Celsius, so it can be put into the microwave, which is why silicone baking mats are so popular in the market. Soft and foldable, durable and resistant to high temperatures.

Manufacturing and customization of silicone mats?

1. Mold making

Mold design: Design the corresponding mold according to the design drawings of the silicone mats. The precision and quality of the mold directly affect the quality of the silicone mat. Mold making: Use CNC machining, EDM and other processes to make molds. Mold materials generally use metals with high hardness and good wear resistance.

2. Silicone material preparation

Silicone raw materials: Select suitable silicone raw materials, usually high-quality food-grade or medical-grade silicone.
Mixing and coloring: Mix the silicone raw materials with pigments and additives according to needs to ensure that the color and performance meet the requirements.

3. Silicone moluding

Heating and mixing: Heat the mixed silicone material to a temperature suitable for molding.
Mold injection: Inject the heated silicone material into the mold. Compression molding, injection molding, extrusion molding and other processes can be used.
Pressurization and heating: Pressurize and heat the silicone material in the mold to cure it. This process requires good temperature and time control to ensure product quality.

4. Demolding and trimming

Demolding: Remove the cured silicone pad from the mold. This process requires careful operation to avoid deformation or damage to the product.

5. Quality inspection

Appearance inspection: Check the appearance of the silicone pad to ensure that there are no defects such as bubbles, cracks, impurities, etc.
Size measurement: Use measuring tools to check the size of the silicone pad to ensure that it meets the design specifications.
Performance test: According to the specific use of the product, carry out corresponding performance tests, such as tensile strength, hardness, high temperature resistance, etc.

View more about Growjaa's custom silicone solution.

6. Packaging and delivery

Packaging: Pack the silicone pad according to customer requirements, usually using dust bags, plastic bags, cartons, etc.
Labeling: Label the product information, production date, batch number, etc. on the packaging for easy traceability and management.
Growjaa requires strict quality control throughout the customized silicone mat process to ensure that each link meets the standards and ultimately produces high-quality silicone mats.

If you need custom silicone mats or bulk silicone mats, we can serve you according to your needs. Our strong silicone mat customization capabilities will definitely meet your needs.

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