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Custom Silicone Products & Manufacturing

Custom Silicone Products & Manufacturing

As An Expert In Custom Silicone Products, Growjaa Silicone Company Is Committed To Delivering Quality Solutions To Our Customers Through Our OEM/ODM Services. We Manufacture Built-To-Order Silicone Parts, Bespoke Silicone Products And Offer A Wide Variety Of Options To Solve Your Problems.

The whole process of customized silicone products?

1. Idea: Communication with customers about their needs
2. 3D: 3D Model Creation
3. Confirm: Customers check and confirm the design: Production
4. Tooling: CNC tooling fabrication
5. Prototype: Prototypes sent to customer
6. Production: Compression molding production
7. Branding: LOGO Services to increase your brand awareness
8. Packing: Packing boxes/ label tags bags can be customized

How to custom silicone products?

Based on your product specific requirements, you can design your personalized silicone products to match your brand requirements

Thickness: Customize the thickness of silicone products to meet specific application requirements.

Length and width: The length and width of silicone products can be adjusted according to the design needs of the product.

Shape: Customize the shape of silicone products, such as round, square, rectangular, oval, etc.

Hardness: The hardness of silicone products is usually expressed in Shore A or Shore Durometer units. Silicones of different hardnesses can be used for different applications, such as moderately soft silicone seals and harder silicone keyboard keys.

Color: Silicone products can be customized in color by adding pigments to meet the product's appearance requirements. Silicone usually comes in a variety of colors, including transparent, translucent, opaque, etc.
Surface texture:

Surface texture: The surface of silicone products can be customized with different textures, such as smooth, frosted, bumpy, etc., to meet the appearance and touch requirements.

Printing: Add printing, such as logos, text or graphics, to silicone products to meet branding and identity requirements.

Logo: Customize the logo on the silicone product, such as production date, batch number, etc.

Special properties: For special applications, special performance improvers can be added to silica gel, such as antibacterial agents, flame retardants, etc.

Finished product form: Silicone products can be provided in different forms, such as sheets, blocks, tubes, seals, buttons, etc., to meet specific production needs.

Our customization services:

Silicone molding methods and characteristics?

The molding methods of silicone products include silicone injection molding, silicone compression molding and silicone extrusion molding. Different molding methods are suitable for different types of products, depending on factors such as product design requirements, size, shape, and production volume.

1. Silicone injection molding:

The heated and molten silicone is injected into the mold through an injection machine.
It is suitable for mass production and can achieve a high degree of automation.
Precisely control the injection volume and molding cycle of silicone.
Scope of application:
Products with complex shapes and high precision requirements, such as seals, O-rings, electronic parts, etc.
Products requiring high consistency and precise dimensions.

2. Silicone compress molding:

Put a predetermined amount of silicone into the mold and form it by heat curing.
It is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production and is more economical.
Silicone products can be manufactured in larger sizes.
Scope of application:
Large silicone seals, vibration isolation pads, keyboard keys and other products.
The product size and shape requirements are flexible, but mass production is not required.

3. Silicone extrusion molding:

The silicone is extruded through an extruder and then vulcanized to solidify.
It is suitable for continuous production and has relatively high production efficiency.
The product is usually in continuous, long strip form.
Scope of application:
Products such as sealing strips, pipes, cable protective sleeves, etc. have high length requirements.
Silicone products that are continuously produced and relatively long in length.

More about our customization capabilities:

How to choose the silicone molding method:

Product size and shape: Injection molding is suitable for smaller and precisely sized products, while compression molding and extrusion molding are suitable for larger sizes and flexible shapes.

Production volume: Injection molding is suitable for large-scale production, while molding and extrusion molding are suitable for small to medium batches or small-scale production.

Accuracy and consistency requirements: Injection molding generally provides higher accuracy and consistency and is suitable for applications that require higher product quality.

Cost: Injection molding equipment and processes are complex and the cost is relatively high, while molding and extrusion molding are relatively more economical.

Applicable product types: Injection molding is suitable for products that require high precision and consistency, and molding and extrusion molding are suitable for products with more flexible shapes and sizes.

What are the development prospects of customized silicone products?

The customization of silicone products has broad development momentum in the future. If you are an entrepreneur, it is worth persisting for a long time.

1. High-performance and multi-functional needs:

Industry demand for high-performance silicone products is increasing, especially in areas such as electronics, medical, automotive and aerospace. Silicone is uniquely positioned to meet the multifunctional needs of these industries due to its superior properties such as high temperature resistance, flexibility, electrical insulation, etc.

2. Trends in customization and personalization:

Consumer demand for product personalization and customization has increased, which has also driven the trend of customization of silicone products. Manufacturers are able to customize silicone products according to customers' specific requirements to meet the special needs of different industries and individuals.

3. The rise of emerging application fields:

Silicone products are increasingly used in emerging fields such as wearable technology, flexible electronics, artificial intelligence devices, etc. These emerging applications place unique demands on silicone products, requiring specific design and customization.

4. Growth in the medical and biomedical fields:

In the medical device and biomedical field, the application of silicone products is gradually increasing, including biocompatible silicone seals, soft medical devices, etc. The demand for personalization and customization is significant in this area.

5. Green environmental protection requirements:

As an environmentally friendly material, silicone has increasing environmental protection requirements. Manufacturers can customize silicone products to meet green and sustainable market demands.

6. Industrial automation and digital manufacturing:

With the development of industrial automation and digital manufacturing, customized production of silicone products is easier to achieve. Advanced manufacturing technology and automation equipment can improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of customized production.

7. Application of innovative materials and technologies:

The continuous emergence of new materials and advanced technologies provides opportunities for innovation in silicone products. Customized silicone products may involve the development and application of new silicone materials.

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