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Hot selling silicone supplies in winter

Hot selling silicone supplies in winter

Winter is a cold season, and silicone suppliers can provide various useful applications in this season. Growjaasilcone is a silicone specialties Inc, we specialize in custom all kinds of silicone products, here are some silicone products that we recommend for you to buy in winter.
Silicone Seals and Gaskets: In winter, when the temperature drops, it is necessary to ensure the sealing performance of doors, windows, vehicles and other equipment to prevent the penetration of cold air. Silicone seals and gaskets provide an effective seal that keeps cold air out while also preventing heat from escaping.
Silicone Gloves: Silicone gloves provide warmth and protection in cold weather while also being water resistant. They are often used in environments such as outdoor activities, frozen food handling, winter work, and more.

Silicone Heating Mats: Silicone heating pad can provide warmth and comfort in winter. They are often used on beds, chairs or vehicle seats to provide additional heating.
Silicone Anti-Slip Mats: Slippery roads in winter can be dangerous, and silicone anti-slip mats can be placed on doorways, under vehicle tires, or on other sliding surfaces to provide extra firm support to prevent slipping or slipping.
Silicone Lubricant: At low temperatures, some mechanical parts may become immobile or rust. Silicone lubricants can be used to lubricate door locks, pulleys, hinges, etc. to ensure they still function effectively in winter.
Silicone Thermal Mats: These pads are often used in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or skiing to provide extra warmth and comfort.
Silicone thermos bottles and mugs: In the cold winter, people often like to go out with hot drinks. Silicone thermos bottles and mugs keep beverages warm, ensuring hot drinks during outdoor activities.
These silicone products can provide multiple functions in winter, from warmth to waterproof and sealing, you can choose the right silicone products to enhance your winter comfort and safety.

Heat resistance and warmth properties of silicone?
Silicone has good heat resistance and warmth retention properties, which makes it useful in a variety of applications, especially in hot or cold environments.
Heat resistance:
High Temperature Stability: Silicone has excellent high temperature stability and typically maintains its physical properties from -40°C to 232°C (-40°F to 450°F). Some special types of silicone can withstand even higher temperatures.
High-temperature aging resistance: Silicone has strong resistance to long-term exposure to high-temperature environments, and is not easy to age, decompose or lose elasticity.
Insulating properties: Silicone is an excellent insulating material that maintains its electrical insulating properties even at high temperatures, making it useful in electronic equipment and power applications.
Thermal properties:
Low thermal conductivity: Silicone has a relatively low thermal conductivity, which means it has some insulating properties that prevent heat transfer. Therefore, silicone is used to custom make silicone products such as Silicone Resistant Mats, thermos cup covers, and thermal gloves.
Heating properties: Some silicone products are designed to provide extra warmth by heating. These silicone heating pads, gloves, or seat cushions provide cozy warmth on cold days.
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