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Liquid Silicone Magic: Unveiling the Wonders of Silicon Rubber Innovation!

Liquid Silicone Magic: Unveiling the Wonders of Silicon Rubber Innovation!

Exploring the secrets of liquid silicone rubber:

interpretation of professional knowledge and product application fields

Additive liquid silicone rubber (LSR):

LSR is an additive liquid silicone rubber. Its low viscosity makes it have certain fluidity and irregularity before vulcanization. LSR can be easily supplied through metering and mixing equipment. Special injection molding equipment can accurately and automatically feed, mix and inject the two components, which are then quickly vulcanized to form the product.

The process flow of injection molding liquid silicone rubber:

Accurately measure liquid silicone rubber raw materials A and B.
The two ingredients are mixed thoroughly in a mixer and then fed to the injection molding machine.
Inject or spray into multiple preheated molds and distribute evenly into each mold cavity.
In the hot mold cavity, the silicone rubber material is heated and rapidly vulcanized to form the product.
After vulcanization, the mold automatically opens and ejects, then closes again to enter the next molding cycle.

Product application areas:

General LSR:

consumer goods
food contact applications
baby care
Consumer Electronics

Non-post-cure (NPC) LSR:

Baby care (pacifier)
Food contact (cooking utensils, valves, diaphragms)
General consumer goods

Low temperature vulcanization (LTC) LSR:

Low melting point plastic co-molding
Overlap of sensitive parts
Injection molding
Electronic connector seals/gaskets

Low density liquid silicone rubber:

Food metering valve
closing and point charging
Seals and Gaskets
food contact applications

Oil-resistant liquid silicone rubber:

Oil resistant applications
Seals, O-rings, diaphragms

LSR for 3D printing:

Silicone rubber prototype production
Small batches of complex parts
Highly customized manufacturing
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Through its diverse product range and advanced manufacturing processes, liquid silicone rubber continues to redefine what is possible in every industry. Choose GrowJaasilicone and start your journey of liquid silicone rubber innovation!

The development of liquid silicone rubber under systematic analysis?

Technological innovation and R&D:

Additive liquid silicone rubber (LSR): With continuous technological innovation, LSR occupies a dominant position in the field of additive liquid silicone rubber. Its low viscosity, ease of mixing and injection make it widely used in many fields.

Digital manufacturing: Use digital technology to promote the production process, such as digital design and 3D printing, to improve production efficiency and product quality.
Integration of intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI):

Intelligent liquid silicone rubber products: Integrate intelligent sensors to provide intelligent functions, such as environmental adaptability and user behavior learning, to meet personalized needs.
Production process optimization: AI is applied to the production process to improve production efficiency, reduce waste, predict maintenance needs, and reduce production costs.

Environmental protection and sustainability:

Green production: Focus on reducing adverse impacts on the environment and promoting sustainable development. Explore renewable resources to replace traditional raw materials and reduce waste generation.

Eco-Friendly Products: Manufacture of liquid silicone rubber products with eco-friendly properties to meet the growing environmental requirements.
Expansion of application fields:

Healthcare industry: Liquid silicone rubber is increasingly used in the manufacturing of medical equipment and devices, such as medical silicone pads, catheters, etc.

Electronics and automotive fields: In electronic products, automotive parts and other fields, the application of liquid silicone rubber has been continuously expanded due to its excellent insulation and high temperature resistance.
Improvements in production processes:

Advanced manufacturing technology:

Adopt more flexible and efficient manufacturing processes, such as the continuous upgrading of injection molding technology, to adapt to more complex design needs.
Remote monitoring and adjustment: Use remote monitoring technology to realize real-time monitoring and adjustment of production equipment and product quality.

Diversification of market demand:

Demand for personalized products: Consumers' demand for personalized products continues to grow, and the design and manufacturing of liquid silicone rubber products tend to be personalized and customized.
Industry cross-innovation: Liquid silicone rubber cross-innovation in multiple industries, such as medical electronics, smart home, etc.

Global market expansion:

Emerging markets: Liquid silicone rubber has great development potential in emerging markets, and demand for the Asia-Pacific region has grown significantly, especially in the manufacturing and medical fields.

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