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Wide Range of Applications

Our silicone manufacturing capabilities cover a wide range of fields, such as medical, industrial, home, pet and outdoor travel, and beauty and personal care industries.

Whether you need small-batch flexible customization or large-volume in-depth customization, our silicone design and manufacturing capabilities can meet your needs.

Send your drawings or communicate your ideas to our professional engineers, we will turn your ideas into products and improve your business

From idea to silicone manufacturing

  • Determine the needs

    Different application scenarios have different requirements for the performance of silicone rubber products, such as high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, etc.
    Specifications and dimensions: including shape, size, tolerance requirements, etc.
    Performance requirements: such as hardness (Shore A), tensile strength, elongation, wear resistance, etc.
    Material selection

  • Choose suitable silicone rubber materials

    Silicone rubber types: liquid silicone rubber, food grade, medical grade silicone, whether high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity, conductive silicone rubber, etc. are required.
    Special additives: Different fillers or additives can be added according to needs, such as reinforcing fibers, flame retardants, plasticizers, etc.
    Performance requirements: such as hardness (Shore A), tensile strength, elongation, wear resistance, etc.

  • Silicone mold design and manufacturing production process

    Mold type: Common ones include injection molds, compression molds, extrusion molds, etc. Choose the appropriate mold type to ensure product quality and production efficiency.
    Choose the appropriate production process:
    Injection molding: suitable for products with complex shapes and high precision requirements.
    Compression molding: suitable for mass production.
    Extrusion molding: suitable for long strip or tubular products.

A wide range of custom silicone accessories to suit all industries, precision processing technology.

Custom silicone parts diasplay