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What is liquid silicone and how to choose it?

What is liquid silicone and how to choose it?

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a liquid polymer material formed by the polymerization reaction of silane-based compounds (such as silane). Liquid silicone is a special type of silicone rubber that has many superior properties, making it widely used in many fields.
Liquid silicone is widely used in manufacturing, including but not limited to medical devices, food-grade molds, automotive parts, electronic equipment seals, etc. Due to its flexibility and versatility, liquid silicone can meet complex manufacturing requirements while delivering high quality and reliability.
When customizing silicone, should I choose liquid silicone or solid silicone?

If you are a custom silicone buyer, regarding the choice of raw materials, should you choose liquid or solid silicone?
Choosing liquid or solid silicone depends on your specific application and product requirements. Each type has its own unique characteristics and advantages.

Liquid silicone:
Flexibility: Liquid silicone is generally more flexible, easily flowing and filling complex shapes, making it suitable for designs that require flexibility and plasticity.
Molding complex shapes: Suitable for molding parts or products with complex details and rich details, such as molds, gaskets, etc.
Low Viscosity: Has a lower viscosity making it easier to handle and pour.
Transparency: Some liquid silicones have good transparency and are suitable for applications requiring transparency.

Solid silicone:
Stability: Solid silica gel is generally more stable than liquid silica gel, less likely to flow, and has better shape retention.
High temperature stability: It has good high temperature stability and is suitable for applications in high temperature environments.
Hardness range: Provides a wider range of hardness options, from soft silicone to hard silicone, adapting to applications with different hardness requirements.
Ease of handling: Solid silicone is generally easier to control when handling and processing, and may be more suitable for products that require more precise sizes and shapes.
When choosing liquid or solid silicone, it is recommended to consider the following factors:
Product design requirements: If your product requires softness, elasticity, and complex shapes, liquid silicone may be more suitable. If more stable shape and high temperature stability are required, solid silicone may be more suitable.
Processing technology: Consider your production technology and processing equipment to ensure that the silicone you choose is suitable for your production process.
Performance requirements: Select the hardness, heat resistance and other characteristics of the silicone according to the product's use and performance requirements.
Cost: Different types of silicone may differ in price. Liquid silicone is more expensive than solid silicone, so cost is also something you need to consider.
It is recommended to have detailed discussions with silicone manufacturers and suppliers before making a choice to ensure that the silicone selected meets your specific needs. We will give you more professional advice!

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