Silicone injection molding is a cost-effective and reliable manufacturing process for producing high-quality parts from various silicone materials. This process offers a variety of advantages such as faster cycle times, greater design freedom, improved part quality, and environmental sustainability since there is little waste produced during the manufacture of parts.

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    Liquid silicone rubber or LSR injection molding is a thermosetting process where two substances are mixed. This two-component material is heat-treated with a mold conductor and mold to form a finished piece. Liquid silicone molding substances are acquired from Part A and Part B components. These substances are usually mixed in a one-to-one ratio, with pigment added during the blending procedure before the treatment.


    Silicone injection molding offers clean, consistent results with tight tolerances that can be difficult to achieve with alternative methods such as compression or transfer molding. Suitable for the production of silicone products with complex shapes, precise dimensions and high-quality requirements, such as medical devices, auto parts, industrial seals, etc. The mold cost of this process will be relatively expensive


    Silicone injection molding is also versatile, supporting many sized projects ranging from tiny details to large and complex components. It is typically used in the automotive and medical industries, but can also be used to create consumer items such as custom baby toys, and kitchenware.

    This production method is commonly used for liquid silicone rubber to ensure rapid production.

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Most silicone baby toys are produced by silicone injection molding


Silicone compression molding is an effective manufacturing process that brings tremendous benefits to businesses across a wide range of industries. The silicone compression molding process involves pouring silicone into a heated cavity and then applying pressure once the silicone has solidified within the space. This pressure forces the silicone form to take the shape of the cavity, creating components of the exact size and shape that are needed.

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  • Advantages

    Silicone compression molding offers many advantages for manufacturers compared to traditional methods. It enables the production of highly detailed silicone parts with reusable molds, contributes to improved product consistency, and reduces costs associated with tooling and part production. Silicone compression molding also provides a cost-effective solution for silicone part modification due to its ability to be transitioned between single-part to multi-part easily.

  • Application

    Compression molding is suitable for the manufacture of silicone products with simple shapes and relatively large sizes, such as silicone seals, household items, toys, and baby products.To place pre-heated silicone in the mold, and then use a press to press the mold into shape. Compared with injection molding, this method has lower equipment cost and is suitable for the production of small and medium batches of silicone products. This is the most common processing method

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    we take pride in providing the highest quality and most precise silicone compression molding services. Our process utilizes the power of silicone materials to create parts with unmatched flexibility and durability. Whether you need a one-time prototype or a long-term production part, our process can help you create the exact part you need.We understand that cost is always a factor when it comes to silicone compression molding. Ensure customers receive the best possible results.


Silicone extrusion molding is a manufacturing process that utilizes silicone to create a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s often used in engineering and construction, because silicone provides excellent heat resistance, low shrinkage during curing, UV/oxidation/ozone resistance, as well as flexibility and durability. It can be either continuous or intermittent in nature, making silicone an ideal choice for creating complex parts that require flexibility and stability over time. Overall, silicone extrusion molding offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for many applications.

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  • Application

    Extrusion molding is suitable for producing long strips of silicone products with the same cross-sectional shape, such as sealing strips, pipes, hoses, etc. This mode of production yields relatively high yields.he silicone extrusion molding technique offers a speedy production time and low rates for tool upcharges. Additionally, silicone objects produced through this method have excellent durability and flexibility.

  • Advantage

    silicone extrusion molding is one of the most versatile silicone manufacturing processes available and it can be used to create silicone objects with features such as ribbing, grooves, and even fine details like raised lettering. This same process also produces silicone parts regularly in sizes between 0.25mm to 12 inches thick with tolerances as tight as +/- 0.001 inches or better.

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    Our silicone extrusion molding service is special. Not only do we offer a wide range of customizable solutions to meet our customer’s needs, but our production equipment is some of the most advanced and our prices are extremely reasonable. We ensure that you’ll get top-notch silicone extrusion molding, done quickly and with superior quality. A trust custom silicone factory.


Silicone overmolding is a specialized manufacturing process that offers distinct advantages to many industries. Different substances such as silicone, plastic, and metals can be molded together to create components with properties that may not have been achievable with a single substrate.

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  • Application

    It is used in a variety of things, from medical devices to silicone baby pacifiers to household applications and common industrial parts, and it produces parts that are both durable and wearable, often replacing machined or cast metal parts.

  • Advantage

    This strategy allows manufacturers to reduce costs while still producing intricate and durable parts. Combining or adding silicone to existing design elements also greatly insulates against temperature and friction, with far fewer materials needing assembly.

  • Widely Used

    The silicone overmolding process is also a method used in electronics manufacturing to add silicone to key electronic components. This is accomplished through injection molding with silicone rubber into geometrically complex cases and housings.

Clean Room Injection Molding

Some parts may come into direct contact with the human body. Such parts typically must be manufactured in a hygienic space known as a clean room. Example parts include:
Surgical and diagnostic devices.
Breathing apparatus
Medical parts that come into contact with the human body
Biological products
Pharmaceutical products

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